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Semi-labeling machine for bottle RL-50

Semi-labeling machine for bottle RL-50

Uses: glass bottles, plastic bottles, medicine bottles, wine bottles, beverage bottles and other round bottle stickers and labels

The labeling speed is 40 times per minute (the specific speed depends on the proficiency of the operator).

The labeling accuracy range is ±1mm.

Good labeling effect, no bubbles, no wrinkles, high grade, increase product competitiveness

Electronic components such as single-chip microcomputer and smart sensor are selected, and the performance is extremely stable.

Modular design, convenient maintenance, low maintenance cost.

Simple operation, reasonable design, precise processing, to ensure reliable operation of the machine

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Power switch three-hole socket 110/220V

This model is suitable for 220V.

The 110V model can be customized.

Counter and infrared sensor

Used to record and display the number of labels.

Infrared sensor, precise positioning, labeling accuracy 1mm.

Adjustable paper supply tray

The tightness of the screws of the paper supply tray can be adjusted according to requirements.

Operate the handle

The labeling operation is convenient and quick: press down the stainless steel handle and touch the round bottle to complete the labeling.

Rubber rollers are not easy to slip

Rubber rollers run stably and are not easy to slip

It is used to fix the round bottle and drive the round bottle to rotate when labeling.

The position of the roller can be adjusted according to the diameter of the bottle (Φ15-140mm).

Adjustable knob

Used to adjust the tightness of the shaft.

Semi-Labeling machine for cylinder bottle
Product CodeRL-50
If it can be customizedAvailable
Net Weight25kg
Power110/220V 45W
Label Roll DiameterOuter diameter Φ270mm  inner diameter Φ75mm
Label SizeWidth: 15-120mm Length: 15-310mm
Bottle Dimensiondiameter Φ15mm-Φ140mm   Max height:180mm
Labeling speed40 pieces per min
Conveyor7m per min
Label accuracy1mm
Carton dimension(WxDxH)580×300×380mm
Gross weight26kg
20GP(General Purpose Container)450pcs
40GP(General Purpose Container)960pcs
40HQ(High Cube Container)1120pcs
Express ServiceAvailable, MOQ: 1pcs
Warranty365D(exclude force majeuce,aritificial factors)