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Hand press sealer for food box FSM-225

Hand press sealer for food box FSM-225

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Allen wrench

Shaft for placing plastic film

Sealing machine

Fan and temperature adjustment knob

Temperature knob: maximum temperature 240°

Heating time knob: the longest heating time is 11S

The cooling fan prevents the machine from overheating.

Operating handle

When in use, hold the handle and press it down so that the heating module is in close contact with the plastic film and the fast food box (the red light is on) until the red light is dimmed.

How to place plastic film

The plastic is placed directly on the shaft at the back of the machine

Fast food tray: can be customized

Various sizes of trays/container can be customized.

Tray sealer single cutter
Product codeFSM-175FSM-225
Max temperature240°240°
Net weight6.2kg7.9kg
Max sealing area176x135mm²234x165mm²
If the sealing area does not exceed the maximum sealing area, it can be customized.
Tray sealer double cutter
Product codeFSM-175DFSM-225D
Net weight6.7kg8.7kg
Max sealing area176x135mm²214x165mm²
Other parameters are the same as the single-cutter sealing machine
All sealing machines share one set of packaging
Gross weight7kg(FSM-175)   7.5kg(FSM-175D)   8.7kg(FSM-225)   9.2kg(FSM-225D)
20GP(General Purpose Container)960pcs
40GP(General Purpose Container)1960pcs
40HQ(High Cube Container)2205pcs
Express ServiceAvailable, MOQ: 1pcs
Warranty365D(exclude force majeuce,aritificial factors)