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Automatic paper folder-2trays PF9-2

Automatic paper folder-2trays PF9-2

Automatic folding picture albums, manuals, forms, etc., suitable for fast printing centers, manufacturing companies, official documents, business letters, etc.

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Operation button


Folding speed adjustment knob

Counter for folded paper

Three-hole socket and fuse

The fuse can prevent the machine from being damaged by overload.

Three-hole socket: the ground wire is safer, input voltage110/220V.

Knob for feeding roller

If the paper does not enter the machine smoothly, you can adjust the knob to change direct distance between roller and paper to make the feeding process more smooth.

Rubber roller for feeding

The roller is made of rubber, which is more wear-resistant.

It makes the paper to enter the paper folding machine one by one.

Adjustment for crease position

There are scales on both sides of the tray.

According to the position of the crease, adjust the position of the metal baffle.

Tray installation-1

Normal installation: adjust the scale according to the position of the crease.

Reverse loading tray: When the crease is less than 4, some pallets need to be reverse loaded.

No screws,tray installation-1-2

The tray is quick and easy to install and no screws are needed.

There are grooves on both sides of the tray and it can be inserted into the supports on the inner wall during installation.

Conveyor and baffle for folded paper

Auto paper folding machine
Product codePF8-2PF9-2
If it can be customizedAvailableAvailable
Net weight35kg30kg
Tray quantity22
Max size of paper310×700mm210×620mm
Min size of paper50x70mm50x70mm
Paper grammage20-125g(if grammage<40g,you need to decrease speed of machine)
Max speed of conveyor89m/min89m/min
Gross weight44kg37kg
20GP(General Purpose Container)144pcs176pcs
40GP(General Purpose Container)304pcs368pcs
40HQ(High Cube Container)380pcs460pcs
Express ServiceAvailable, MOQ: 1pcs
Warranty365D(exclude force majeuce,aritificial factors)